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Yesterday, the Golden Heart awards for charity and corporate social responsibility were presented at a stylish ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel. The main purpose of the organizers is to motivate institutions, companies, and individuals to become more involved in different social problems. The awards are presented for initiated, implemented, and supported socially significant campaigns and social projects related to various social issues. The successful world record of “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory belongs to the “Sustainable Development and Innovation” category and it had its charitable sequel as well. All the mayonnaise involved in the record-breaking achievement was donated to the Nursing Home in Ruse, the “Hope For a Worthy Life” Association in Plovdiv, the “Milosardie” Home For Adults With Physical Disabilities, and the Social Patronage enterprise of Sofia Municipality. The record is already included in the Guinness Book of Records and was set at the end of 2019 to mark the 25th anniversary of “Krassi”. A pot 1000 times larger than the original one was filled with mayonnaise in front of a large audience at the unique event. The giant pot contained 221.4 kilograms of mayonnaise. “The record not only bears the name of “Krassi” mayonnaise but is also an achievement for Bulgaria”, Guinness Association members commented. For more than 10 years “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory has supported the prevention of social exclusion of children and adults with various disabilities as its mission. The company supports “The World is for All” festival, as well as the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation, the Hope for a Decent Life Association for People with Disabilities, and the Social Patronage.    
The record for the largest pot of mayonnaise belongs to Bulgaria Bulgarian consumers’ favourite mayonnaise brand “Krassi” has set a record and is now included in the Guinness Book of Records. A pot 1000 times larger than the original one was filled with mayonnaise in front of  a large audience at a unique event. The Guinness World Records Judge Anna Orford personally monitored and certified the compliance with the high standards of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®. During the ceremony, the judge repeatedly observed the compliance with the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®’s extremely strict quality requirements and hygiene standards at such a large-scale event. After the scale displayed the record-breaking amount of 221.4 kilograms of mayonnaise collected in a giant pot, the judge commented that absolutely all requirements were met, the event took place under extremely good organization, and that Krassi mayonnaise brand and Bulgaria should be proud of the achievement. Then Anna Orford handed the official world record certificate to “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory manager Daniela Avdzhieva. The record was set just at the right time because “Krassi” Mayonnaise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. “This is a recognition for the whole team standing behind the success of the product, as well as for the consumers and their trust”, Daniela Avdzhieva commented. The record, which will be included in the Guinness Book of Records, not only bears the name of “Krassi” Mayonnaise, but is also an achievement for Bulgaria as an original Bulgarian product of excellent quality and taste. The Guinness Book of Records has a long history and its first version was published on August 27, 1954 in 1000 copies, 198 pages each. The edition from August 1955 hit the top of the UK bestsellers list. Today the Guinness Book of Records denotes all the unique achievements in the world.
The eleventh edition of “The World is for All” festival for people with disabilities, organized by the “Brave Heart” Association, is taking place today and tomorrow in Ruse. “Hissar” Mineral Water is a traditional partner of the initiative and supports the prevention of the social exclusion of people with disabilities and the change of attitude towards the others, as well as the change of their own self-esteem and the motivation to fully participate in life. The first day is designated for a concert by children with special needs, with the enrolled participants being 196 – 109 girls and 87 boys. The older participants will perform in the concert on November 30th. They are a total of 315 people, 247 women and 68 men respectively. During the two days there will be an exhibition bazaar as well. 36 disability associations and organizations, with a total of 181 participants, will present their activities through paintings, Christmas toys, greeting cards, tapestries, souvenirs and many more at improvised display stands.
Superbrands lists “Krassi” Mayonnaise as an exclusive brand that stands out and predominates over any other brand on the national market November 28, 2019, Sofia. The global organization Superbrands presented its award for excellent branding to “Krassi” Mayonnaise, by which recognizes it as a leading consumer and business brand on the Bulgarian market. The official publication known as “Branding Bible”, which presents the contemporary achievements of the strongest brands in the country, was also presented at the official ceremony which took place at Sofia Event Centre. The publication also tells the story of the quarter-century existence of “Krassi” mayonnaise factory, its successful achievements, the social responsibility campaigns of the company, and the path on which “Krassi” became a distinguishable, emblematic, and favourite product on the Bulgarian market. The methodology for selecting and evaluating the brands is universal for all the 80 countries implementing the Superbrands promotional programme. The selection process is carried out in two stages: by a confidential vote by the members of the Superbrands Bulgaria Board, an independent expert jury, and by a national consumer vote on the Internet, realized with the partnership of the leading market research institute GfK Bulgaria. This gives the opportunity to consider the expert opinion and the consumer opinion parallely. During the evaluation process, experts and consumers are guided by the definition and criteria for Superbrands by the world organization – a brand that must demonstrate quality, reliability and difference. Superbrands lists “Krassi” Mayonnaise as an exclusive brand that stands out and predominates over any other brand on the national market. On receiving the award, the manager of “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory, Daniela Avdzhieva, noted that she is excited to receive the Superbrand Award in the year of the quarter-century anniversary of “Krassi” and that this is another award for the brand which is the leader of the mayonnaise market in our country. We put the responsibility to offer a safe food product first, that’s why “Krassi” is “The best mayonnaise” on the market with its taste and quality, we set the standard for traditional mayonnaise in Bulgaria! This year, “Krassi” Mayonnaise was listed as “Favourite Brand” of Bulgarian consumers for the fifth consecutive time.      
The traditional “Best Mayonnaise!” Contest KrassiPlay starts on October 28 on Facebook and will continue until November 10. The Facebook profile of “Krassi” became a total entertainment to all fans who tried to find out where the mayonnaise was hidden. The awesome award, BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS, attracted the interest of many fans. Over 5,000 participants took part in KrassiPlay-2019. Here are the names of the lucky ones who deserved their awards: Viktoriya Rahneva Dimitar Dimitrov Niki Peti Iliana Ivanovi Ruseva Dje Na Desislava Zhelyazkova Galya Angelova Galina Ivanova Yordanka Miteva Veselina Jordanova Daniela Nikolova Gabriela Bostandzhiyska Yoanna Pavlova Monika Krasimirova Todorova Nadezhda Kordova Ilina-Yonko Terzievi Genka Hristova Vasil Tsvetanov Bojidara Boneva Veselina Iv Vasileva Tedi Ivanova Vera Pamporova Emel Dail Rumen Popov Kameliya Yosifova Marinela Ivanova More information about the game, the rules and the rewards can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/krassi.bg/. KrassiPlay is a traditional campaign of “Krassi” Mayonnaise, it dates back to 2007. The contest gained popularity as a competition for the best mayonnaise dishes. Over 50,000 mayonnaise recipes have been received for participation in the culinary battle over the years. In 2018, we decided to upgrade “Krassi”‘s Contest so that each participant could send a video of how they have fun cooking with their favorite mayonnaise. And in 2019, KrassiPlay offered the game  “Where is Krassi?” to all the fans of  “Krassi” mayonnaise.

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