The game “Where is Krassi?” on Facebook is driving the net crazy

The traditional “Best Mayonnaise!” Contest KrassiPlay starts on October 28 on Facebook and will continue until November 10. The Facebook profile of “Krassi” became a total entertainment to all fans who tried to find out where the mayonnaise was hidden. The awesome award, BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS, attracted the interest of many fans. Over 5,000 participants took part in KrassiPlay-2019. Here are the names of the lucky ones who deserved their awards:

Viktoriya Rahneva
Dimitar Dimitrov
Niki Peti Iliana Ivanovi
Ruseva Dje Na
Desislava Zhelyazkova
Galya Angelova
Galina Ivanova
Yordanka Miteva
Veselina Jordanova
Daniela Nikolova
Gabriela Bostandzhiyska
Yoanna Pavlova
Monika Krasimirova Todorova
Nadezhda Kordova
Ilina-Yonko Terzievi
Genka Hristova
Vasil Tsvetanov
Bojidara Boneva
Veselina Iv Vasileva
Tedi Ivanova
Vera Pamporova
Emel Dail
Rumen Popov
Kameliya Yosifova

Marinela Ivanova

More information about the game, the rules and the rewards can be found at:

KrassiPlay is a traditional campaign of “Krassi” Mayonnaise, it dates back to 2007. The contest gained popularity as a competition for the best mayonnaise dishes. Over 50,000 mayonnaise recipes have been received for participation in the culinary battle over the years. In 2018, we decided to upgrade “Krassi”‘s Contest so that each participant could send a video of how they have fun cooking with their favorite mayonnaise. And in 2019, KrassiPlay offered the game  “Where is Krassi?” to all the fans of  “Krassi” mayonnaise.

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