Do you love having fun, taking photos and uploading your video clips onto social networking sites? Do it and win awards from “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory. In order to take part in the contest you just need to shoot a funny and creative video clip with your favorite mayonnaise, “Krassi” and then upload it to our Facebook page. The awards are terrific – a tablet, fitness trackers and web cameras. KrassiPlay will take place from 29 October to 18 November on Facebook. For more information visit Tell us your “Krassi” story – how you cook, how you have fun, how you create tasty moments with “Krassi” mayonnaise. The video must show the packaging of the “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory product which you are using. Each participant can upload an unlimited number of video clips and participate for one of the announced awards. The more video clips a user participates with, the bigger is his chance to win a award as he takes part in the drawing of the lots with each separate video recipe. Upload your funny video clip with “Krassi” Mayonnaise from 29 October to 18 November on Facebook, have fun and win awards with KrassiPlay.
All three categories for the “Krassi” Cup enjoyed exceptional competition which continued even in bad weather and rain but neither participants nor spectators were discouraged. Milko Kochev won the first award among the children, followed by Aya Miteva in second place and Asya Petrova – in third place. The best competitors in the other two categories were nominated during the barrages. Hristiyan Petrov came first among the adolescents, followed by Yasna Sredkova and Petko Domuschiev. Among the 5-year-old and older horses and amateurs the prize was won by Svetlin Ivanov, followed by Mario Delyanski and Anton Datsinski. The last weekend of September turned into a real celebration for all lovers of equestrian sport – more than a thousand spectators enjoyed the spectacular show and excellent skills of jockeys and horses. “KRASSI” CUP RATING Children 1st place –  Milko Kochev 2nd place –  Aya Miteva 3rd place – Asya Petrova Adolescents 1st place – Hristiyan Petrov 2nd place – Yasna Sredkova 3rd place – Petko Domuschiev 5 year-old and older horses and amateurs 1st place – Svetlin Ivanov 2nd place – Mario Delyanski 3rd place – Anton Datsinski          
The riding school in the village of Tsaratsovo will host the jumper competition for the “Krassi” Cup on 29-30 September. The best riders will be nominated following almost 200 starts per day. The prize-winners will divide among themselves a prize fund of 16,700 BGN which is unheard of for this aristocratic sport. The owner of “Krassi” Mayonnaise Factory, Mr. Dimitar Konsulov, underlined that horses and riding teach everybody what real love, diligence and care, devotion, proper attitude and most importantly – activity in nature is. The owner of the riding school in the village of Tsaratsovo, Mr Dimitar Angelchev, thanked Mr Konsulov for all his efforts to turn this competition into a competitive event that many people look forward to. The equestrian sport is the only sport in which both men and women compete together. The most important thing in this sport is for the horse and rider to move in tandem, but this is difficult to achieve. The rider could be exceptional, but if the horse isn’t – then there are no results. The market leader in Bulgaria – “Krassi” Mayonnaise, also known as the “Best Mayonnaise” wishes success to all participants in the competition and provides the prizes for the best ones!
Vesela Stoitsev is winner in the 10th anniversary edition of the traditional culinary competition of “Krassi” Mayonnaise and has won a vacation for two on the island of Menorca. Her recipe – Parfait from Pumpkin Mousse and “Krassi” – won the big award. Outstanding chefs such as Leo Bianchi – the most multi-functional chef in Bulgaria, reality star and TV presenter, Georgi Boykovski – world-class culinary expert, Daniela Avdzhieva – manager of “Krassi” Mayonnaise and master chef Bozhana Katsarova were definite in their decision that Vesela Stoitsev must get the first award. In July Ms. Stoitsev travelled to the Balearic Islands and enjoyed the wonderful island of Menorca.
“Krassi” Mayonnaise is the indisputable leader in My Love Marks ranking and one of the brands which have won the biggest consumer vote. The favorite mayonnaise of Bulgaria has even reached the finale of the contest in the category “Bulgarian brand foods and beverages”. Daniela Avdzhieva, manager of “Krassi” Mayonnaise, accepted the award with the words: “I would like to thank all who choose our product every day and have voted for it! The consumers’ evaluation is always flawless and precise and we are happy with their appreciation!” This is yet another high praise for the brand in My Love Marks ranking. Four successive years the consumers assign the leading position to “Krassi” Mayonnaise as best mayonnaise. “Krassi” Mayonnaise is the most sold product in its segment on the Bulgarian market and has won many awards over the years such as Superbrands, gold medals from the Plovdiv Fair, Company of the Year prize etc. More than 42,000 people supported their favourite brands in the anniversary tenth edition of the 2018 My Love Marks ranking. The initiative gives expression of the consumer preferences for particular brands in various industries. It shows not only the preferences, but a true emotional attachment to particular brands that we would miss if they disappear. Our favorite brands are elected only by a ballot by the end users. Unlike other rankings, “My Love Marks” does not rely on the jury during nominations – they are free, based solely on consumers’ preferences and do not include special market criteria. Thus “My Love Marks” presents not the expert opinion, but consumers’ opinion on the branding.

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