«Corazón de oro» por responsabilidad social obtuvo la Fabrica de Mayonesa Krasi

The Krasi Mayonnaise Factory was awarded the Third Annual Charity and Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. The leader in the mayonnaise market in our country is a deserved recognition in the category of «Support for those not protected by their efforts for long years supporting people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged groups, as well as for all their prevention activity of the social exclusion of children and adults with different disabilities.

This year for eleven consecutive the Krasi Mayonnaise Factory also supported the Festival «The world is for everyone» in which some 656 participants took part, representatives of some 40 associations of people with disabilities from all over the country.

Receiving the distinction Daniela Avdzhieva – Manager of the Mayonnaise Factory Krasi shared that it was a mission that was worthwhile to help the needy and that if we all opened our hearts to the disadvantaged we would make the world a better place for all.

The «Golden Heart» awards aim to publicize the efforts of companies, NGOs, institutions and individuals who supported different causes of social importance and important to society, serving as example and more and more companies and people are being encouraged to be included in similar initiatives . Some 19 charitable projects and social initiatives in a total of 11 different causes obtained official recognition in the third edition of the